Christina Vossen

Name, Surname: Vossen, Christina
Nationality: German
City, Country: Ulsteinvik, Norway
Study program/Degree: Marine Engineering
(Schiffsmaschinenbau), Diplom
Year of graduation: 2010
Employer and position: Rolls-Royce Marine AS, Shiptechnology Offshore Systems – Senior Engineer

Why did you choose this study program at TUHH and do you think that was a good decision?

I chose Marine Engineering because of my interest in technical things and the maritime industry. For me it was the right decision and I don’t regret it.

What was your first impression of TUHH?

A small university with a nice campus. Not overcrowded and therefore easy to get to know people. Good ratio between students and professors/teachers.

How would you recapitulate your time at TUHH?

It has been a tough time with a lot of hard work and fun, with a great team around me. I learned to fail and stand up again and that teamwork is an important part of success.

Where do you live now, what do you like there and what is the biggest difference to Hamburg?

For three years I’m living now on a small island on the west coast of Norway. Ulsteinvik has got 6000 inhabitants and is shaped by the maritime industry (3 different yards and ship designers, a number of ship owners, suppliers and sub-suppliers of the maritime industry). The people are relaxed and laid-back, enjoying the nature around us, with skiing, hiking, hunting, sailing, fishing – all kinds of outdoor activities you can think of.
The biggest difference to Hamburg? The size, the setting, the nature, …

What are you doing now?

I’m currently involved in research and development projects as well as working in the machinery department as a project engineer for detail engineering of offshore vessels.

How does a typical day of work look like and which expertise do you need for this?

Basically, every day at work is different. On the one hand, days can be filled with project meetings, customer meetings or meetings with authorities/classification societies. On the other hand, days can be filled with calculations, drawings and self-study.
Besides technical expertise, project management, teamwork and team leading are important factors, as well as social skills of how to interact with your colleagues as well as customers and suppliers.

What are your personal tips for a good career entry in your industry?

Be open! Take risks! Try and fail! Establish a network! Expand your horizon and stretch your comfort zone every once in a while! And don’t be afraid of changing your job again after 1 year – if you don’t enjoy it, you can’t do a good job – move on and get a new one, get the challenges you want.

If you were the President of the TUHH…

I would focus on keeping the high standard of our education as well as trying to include the industry more in the daily work (lectures). Guest lecturers from the industry should play an important role. I would focus more on project work in the higher semesters instead of just «lectures». And I would try to get more industry partners outside of the northern German region. Take a look abroad and extend the horizon for research, education and cooperation in general. Besides that, I would teach all lectures in the Master degrees in English to be more international.