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The TUHH is one of the most successful technical universities in Germany, but what would it be without a vibrant and multi- layered network of friends and sponsors?

TU & YOU is a joint initiative of the TUHH (Verlinkung http://www.tuhh.de/alt/tuhh/startpage.html), the Verein der Alumni und Förderer der TUHH e.V., the Stiftung der TUHH (Verlinkung http://tuhh-stiftung.de), and TuTech Innovation GmbH (Verlinkung http://tutech.net/#1) established with the aim of building up a closely meshed competence network of alumni, students, academic and administrative staff of the TUHH and representatives of business, politics, and the arts.

Private and professional contacts are an integral part of our network concept. What all members of TU & YOU also have in common is either a course of study or a job and an interest in the further development of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).

As a member of the Verein der Alumni und Förderer der TUHH e.V. (Association of Alumni and Sponsors) you will keep in touch with your alma mater and benefit (Verlinkung mit Vereinsvorteilen) from many advantages in cash and kind. Your membership fees enable us to add to the offers that we provide for alumni and to support the TUHH in research and teaching.

As a benefactor or sponsor (Verlinkung mit engl. Seite “Fördern”) you can support people, teaching, research and an international TUHH campus and thereby ensure a constant supply of promising young scientists.

Please feel free to contact us and join a national and international alumni network – and Stay TUned!


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Sprechen Sie uns (Verlinkung zu Kontakt) gerne an und werden Sie Teil des nationalen und internationalen Alumni-Netzwerkes – Stay TUned!