Kristina Böe

Nationality: German
City, country: Hamburg, Germany
Study program/Degree: General Process Engineering/ Dipl-Ing.
Year of graduation: 1994
Employer & Position: GEA Brewery Systems GmbH, Senior Vice President Cross-Application Execution

Ms. Böe, why did you choose to study at the TUHH and do you now think it was a good decision?
The range of courses on offer at the TUHH made a very sound impression. The TUHH’s proximity to where I lived and its outstanding reputation will
also have contributed. Studying at the TUHH was highly challenging and comprehensive. That made a decisive mark on me and on my entire approach to the requirements of the job. You learn to tackle new ideas in a very structured way and to “dissect the elephant into small pieces.”

Can you remember your first impression of the TUHH?
In my days the TUHH was not as attractive as it is today. My first impression was not really inviting. Lectures were held at a large number of locations
in Harburg (Kasernenstrasse, a bar in Eissendorfer Strasse, the Helmsmuseum, etc.). We were allowed to use the Tax Office canteen. That is why the time between lectures was spent walking around or looking for somewhere to park. All that was offset, however, by the great fellow-students.

What was your motivation to study that subject and to choose this career?
I chose a study program that both required and laid a broad scientific foundation. The numerous options available in industry for general process engineering graduates also convinced me.

How would you summarize your time at the TUHH?
It was a work-intensive time that nonetheless left me with sufficient free space because of the great working group I was with. The group with which
I worked intensively back then continued to meet regularly after we graduated to visit Denmark, and to this day we still meet more or less regularly on many different occasions.

What is the greatest thing about your job?
I took on a new position in the GEA Group on June 1, 2015. I am currently setting up an entirely new area in which I have no existing structures on
which to build. That is great fun but also a challenge in view of the great responsibility that comes with it. The GEA Group was my first employer after graduation and has since regularly confronted me with fresh challenges – challenges that have been demanding and have taken me forward at the same time. I was latterly for many years Technical Manager of GEA Brewery Systems GmbH, where the enormous sense of cohesion and team spirit was always a power motivation. Yes, I really can say that is a part of my family.

What do you use in your career that you studied at the TUHH?
Today I use my fund of basic knowledge to understand complex connections and thereby to help my colleagues to solve their technical problems. My current job mainly involves personnel management.

What does a typical day of work look like and what competences do you need for it?
My typical day’s work is very strongly oriented toward communication. As my colleagues are distributed around the world, regular exchange via
modern means of communication is indispensable, and as my area of responsibility deals solely with resource management further education and personnel development play a very important part.

You are also active in the TU & YOU network, what do you do for it and why?
We attach great importance to promoting young researchers. That is why we are so committed at the TUUH, awarding, for instance, an annual prize
for the best Bachelor’s degree in biological process engineering written in the standard period of study. In addition, we and other leading companies in Hamburg sponsor the so-called Professors’ Grill, a network that has already generated a large number of trainees and led to the appointment of a number of TUHH graduates as employees. This cooperation is a win-win situation both for the students and for us as an employer.