Marko Ivanovic

Surname, first name: Ivanovic, Marko
Nationality: Serbian
City, country: London, UK
Study program/Degree: MSc. Global Innovation Management
Year of graduation: 2010
Employer and position: SC Johnson, Senior Business Process Analyst

Why did you choose the TUHH at the time and was it, in retrospect, a good decision?
Studying at TUHH was definitely a good decision. I had the opportunity to choose whether to attend my master studies at the university in Denmark or in Germany. I have decided to attend TUHH study program as I believed it will give me the opportunity to truly meet and learn about German culture and to have the opportunity to learn the language. Moreover, knowing that TUHH is a “young” university, I expected that it will excel all the other universities from the region.

Do you recall the first impression that the TUHH made on you?
The university campus is a very modern place with a lot of open spaces and well organized. I liked the infrastructure, but also the way classes were organized and topics we covered.

Where in Harburg did you spend your spare time?
We had a lot of fun in our student dormitory where we organized many unforgettable parties.

How, in a nutshell, would you describe your time at the TUHH?
Although quite far away from the Hamburg city centre, Harburg was a nice and quiet place to live, learn about German culture and enjoy the studenthood at the university.

Where do you live now, what do you like there and what is the biggest difference to Hamburg?
I live now in London, UK. What amazes me here is the possibility to meet so many people with different cultural backgrounds and experiences. What I miss from Hamburg is the structured and neat German lifestyle.

What are you doing now and did your studies at TUHH help?
I joint TUHH having a strong IT background, with a mission to gain some theoretical and practical experience in management and business topics. TUHH helped me to learn a lot about the business and management which I apply now on daily bases at my work. My current responsibilities are facilitation of process improvement initiatives within my company and managing IT projects.

What are your personal tips for a good career entry in your industry?
Be open-minded, be bold and courageous – it is all in the attitude and personality. Companies will hire you despite your lack of experience and will decide to give up on you if they don’t like you. In addition, prior to your graduation make sure you take part in as many practical projects as possible, acquire as many skills as possible, and experience as many things as possible. Finally, don’t be afraid to seek advice, not from friends of your own age, but from fellow-students who are a bit older.

How does a typical day of work looks like and which expertise do you need for this?
There is no such thing as a typical day in the modern business world. I talk to so many people around the globe, travel a lot and organize a lot of workshops. Afterwards, I follow up on those, manage projects and implementations… It is an endless fun, if you enjoy this kind of ride.

If you were the TUHH President …
First of all, I would be so proud of my achievements. Second of all I would make sure I touch base with the current students, engage in the open conversation and listen to what they think can be improved in order to keep the TUHH competitive among other universities.