Markus Dölle

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Process Engineering
Graduation date: 28.11.2013

Uni. Over and done with at last? Or is it a pity that it is now all over?

After six years of studies I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I look forward to being able to stand on my own feet and to earn a living at last. On the other, it is a pity that my studies are over. I really enjoyed my time as a student.

Why did you decide to study at the TUHH?

Several factors interacted. It was not only that the TUHH has a good reputation; the location appealed to me too. I was determined to study in a larger city.

How would you summarize your time at the TUHH?

It was something of a mixed bag. The first semesters were very hard work because I had to learn how to deal with the way subjects are taught at university. Nevertheless, I had a great deal of fun at parties and the like. That was the case throughout my studies. There sure were times when the going was tough, but also good experiences and fun.

How did you cope with the course load of your study program?

Some parts of the course were extremely demanding while others were less labor-intensive. I reckon it is important to set priorities. That isn’t too difficult because sooner or later the pressure eases off and you can take it easy. Taking a break from time to time is important too.

Where in Harburg did you spend time as a student?

I often spent time with friends who live all over Harburg. I also lived for several years at the student hostel in Triftstrasse, where I frequently took it easy at the bar. For a while I played soccer with the Dynamo Heimfeld amateurs.

Where is your favorite place in Harburg?

I really like the port. I also spent a fair amount of time in the Schwarzenbergpark, of which I have fond memories.

And what was your favorite meal at the student refectory?

Hamburger, of course! They could definitely have dished up hamburgers more often.

If you were the President of the TUHH, to what would you attach importance?

I would attach even more importance to teaching. In Germany, sad to say, university professors seem more to seek funding and reputation by means of new projects. As a result, in my opinion, teaching tends to be somewhat neglected. And as I spent my semester abroad in Sweden, I have experienced a different approach.