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Dear TUHH-Alumni, friends and sponsors,

we are all currently affected by the corona crisis: both in the private life through restrictions on contact with friends or family, childcare with working from home and worries about health and economic damage in our society, as well as uncertain career prospects or the threat of insolvency. So far, we have been able to convert the TUHH to a digital summer semester quickly and easily, and to allow employees to work from home as far as possible. Furthermore, we are trying to offer events and services digitally – also for TUHH alumni.

What worries us, however, are our students, because it is precisely they who have to struggle with great financial problems in these times, as they increasingly lack the opportunities to work parallel to their studies. We would therefore like to ensure that this group has the chance to avoid financial hardship through a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship.

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship has been offered by the TUHH for talented and committed students for several years: The Deutschlandstipendium of 300 euros per month is funded equally by the Federal Government and the sponsors. The university bears the costs of organisation and scholarship awarding. In this way, we want to work together to keep bright minds and young talents free for their studies.

We are aware that the pandemic also poses great challenges for you personally. Nevertheless, we would like to try to improve the financial situation of the students with the help of our alumni. If it is possible for you, you are welcome to support us, whether it is 10,-, 50,-, 100,- Euro or a whole year’s scholarship of 2000,- Euro. Even small amounts can help, we will add these to one or more Deutschlandstipendium Scholarships.

I hope that our large alumni network can support our students in these difficult times. I wish you and your family all the best, especially health, in this situation.

Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma

TUHH President

Contact person Deutschlandstipendium:

Astrid Holst-Meyhöfer
Coordinator Deutschlandstipendium
Phone 040 42878 – 4605

Dr. Ralf Grote
Head of President’s Office
Phone 040 42878 3336

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An education in disciplines of science and technology is essentially the technological progress and secures our future.

Private individuals, foundations, companies, former students, parents and friends can contribute to the TUHH’s further development in different ways. Our new TU & YOU concept “Donate – Endow – Sponsor” enables us to offer all promotional options individually and tailor made. The aim is to establish a university community that lives the culture of reciprocal assistance and support. There are many ways in which you can support the TUHH in research and teaching. Contact us, we are more than happy to advise you!

Stiftung zur Förderung der TUHH
Bert E. König
Managing Director
Phone 040 386 780 47
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Astrid Holst-Meyhöfer
Phone 040 42878 – 4605

Stiftung zur Förderung der TUHH
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