The TUHH Family

Welcome to TU & YOU.

Dear (former) students and staff of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH),
We are delighted to welcome you to our new TUHH website.

For students, choosing the right university has an enormous influence on their future career. Nowadays, however, what matters is no longer just a first-rate academic education but, increasingly, a good network. And the same is true for alumni or employees, who also benefit from their university’s success.

To assist with the promotion of that network, the TUHH’s Alumni Association and the TUHH Foundation have joined forces to set up the communication, career, and information platform TU & YOU.

The TU & YOU Family: Its members are:

The network aims to support and strengthen ties between members and with the TUHH.

Share, Promote, Help Shape the Future

TU & YOU helps our former students and staff to keep in touch with fellow-students, to share news and views and, as required, to recruit promising youngsters. Current students are helped by TU & YOU to make useful contacts and to gain, inter alia via the Career Center, practical career experience. At the same time everybody can make a contribution toward actively shaping the TUHH.

Furthermore, personal and professional exchanges between alumni and students, Foundation members, professors, and representatives of business, industry, and society are promoted both nationally and internationally.

Nothing is as important for a personal connection as occasional meetings outside of the virtual network. That is the role of, again inter alia, our local, national and international TUHH Alumni Chapters.

The Benefits for TU & YOU Members.

Free of charge:
  • Online Portal
    Keep in contact with (former) fellow-students via TU & YOU and get to know other members of our network. Visit the online portal for interesting information, invitations to meetings and events, and our newsletter.
  • TUHH Alumni Chapters
    Attend our TU & YOU family gatherings.
Subject to charges:

For Our Students: The TUHH Career Center

Would you appreciate assistance in embarking on your career? The TUHH Career Center team supports you with a wide range of service and advice offerings to enable you to make the transition from university to a career as smoothly and easily as possible. Services such as company contact fairs at which you can get to know interesting potential employers and an internships program to enable you to gain practical career experience.

How You Can Support Your TU & YOU Family:

We do all that we can to support our (former) students and keep in touch with our (former) staff, but we need your support too. Discover the wide range of opportunities to do something for your TU & YOU Family